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All our products are made with the finest natural ingredients

Moisture Foot Treatment $14.00

An amazing combination pure cocoa butter and shea butter to pamper tired, dry. cracked feet. This rich combination along with other natural ingredients soften and heal dry & damaged feet. We suggest that you use a natural pumice stone in the shower or bath first... then apply the foot treatment & either socks or slippers. Truly an amazing prodcuts. Great for harsh dry winters OR to keep your feet looking good during the summer. Available in: Lavender or Mint

All natural pumice stone, great to getting rid of dry cracks on the feet. Goes great with the foot treatment. Product should be used in the shower or bath. 

Natural Pumice Stone $4.00

Hand Balm $14.00

This rich combination of oils will soothe tired, cracked hands and cuticles. This is an amazing combination that sinks in to the skin leaving is deeply moisturized. A little goes a long way, and this product will be your best friend during long winters or during the summer gardening and/or in the water. Available in: Lavender Mint or Grapefruit Vanilla. 

Bath and Body Oil $18.00

We have tried and tested many oils, and finaly come up with a combination so luxurious and moisturizing you will never be without this product. Oils like almond, jojoba, meadowfoam seed, avacado, and more create a great subsitute or addition to lotion. This can be used all over body. Use it by itself, mix it with lotion, or pour some in the bath for a rich experience. Available in: Lavender, Rosemary Mint, Vanilla Mint, Palmarosa, Almond, Grapefruit Vanilla.

A combination of raw honey and deep moisturizing oils make this your favorite lip balm. Great on its own or under lipstick. Great for dry chapped lips. Available in: Honey Mint, Sweet Orange, Lime

Lip Balm $4.00

A truly romantic experience can be had by spraying lavender on your linens, bedding, or laundry. This is a great product to be used on linens or in a room. Great for couches animals sit on, in a bathroom, office, or car. 

Lavender Linen Spray & Air Misters $14.00

All natural insect repellant. A combination essential oils that will completely keep away mosquitoes, but also really helps with black flies and nats. Great for children and pets. This natural product will become a summer favorite for you all your loved ones. 

Bug Buster $14.00

This olive oil, dry skin formula is great for dogs with allergies & 'regular' dogs too. Essential oils to cut smells, heal small cuts, and leave your dog's coat looking soft and silky. 

All Natural Dog Shampoo $18.00

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